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Remote Controlled Vs Radio Controlled Cars

Thinking about purchasing either a remote controlled(RC) or radio controlled car for your kids? Here, we are going to help you! We will tell you how both vehicles work and describe the main differences between remote controlled and radio controlled toys. So, you will definitely make the right choice in the end. Information given by the RC Shop(rc butikk) Norway, leaders in Remote Controlled Toys. Including RC Cars(rc biler), trucks, helicopters, planes, drone boats, and more…

What are the Differences between Remote Controlled and Radio Controlled Cars?

remote controlled toysFirst of all, let’s try to realize how a remote controlled car works. Actually, a remote controlled vehicle works from a decent location, so a child stays to be outside of it. Different methods are used to operate a remote controlled car. Many toys have a wire that is used to connect an operating device to a vehicle.

A remote controlled car that is not connected to an operating device is known as a radio controlled car. Radio controlled cars have a special controller that is used to transmit radio waves to a vehicle. A radio controlled car has a receiver that accepts signals from an operating device. Obviously, it would be better for parents to buy radio controlled toys for their kids rather than remote controlled ones.

Things to Consider When Selecting Radio Controlled Vehicles

A radio controlled car mainly consists of the following four parts – a motor, a receiver, a power source and a transmitter. You should definitely pay special attention to all these parts when selecting a radio controlled vehicle for your child.

Transmitter is also known as a controller. This device is used to tell a car what it has to do. Usually a transmitter uses a 9-volt battery to send signals from an operating device to a vehicle. When selecting radio controlled cars you should give a preference to ones, which have small transmitters.

radio controlled helicopterTransmitters can be divided into two main categories. These are single-function or full-function devices. A radio controlled car that has a single-function controller can move either forward or backward. Vehicles, which are equipped with full-function controllers, can move forward and backward as well. Moreover, such radio controlled cars can turn right, turn left and make various maneuvers. It is definitely expedient to buy radio controlled vehicles, which have the advanced full-function controllers.

A receiver accepts radio waves, which are sent by a transmitter. So, the task of a receiver is to catch signals and respond to them accordingly. An antenna that is built into most radio controlled vehicles works as a receiver.

It is expedient to buy radio controlled vehicles, which have simple motors. All that a motor has to do is to turn wheels and make a car move.

As we have already said, a 9-volt battery is used in most radio controlled vehicles. This power source is effective and safe at the same time.

After you purchase a radio controlled car, spend some time to read the user’s manual prior to start using it. So, you will be able to find the answers to many important questions in the documentation. Also, you should always follow manufacturer’s instructions.