Media portrayal of stun gun pens is commonly feminized. Being a modest self defense resource, they are generally stigmatized given that the significantly less powerful and fewer masculine model of the right stun gun. Are Stun Gun Pens only for ladies? Or can this device give powerful and protected security for guys and ladies alike

Stun gun pens are popular with ladies who’re searching for added protection. Woman end users like their dimensions and condition, which permits them to hold it discretely inside their purse or pocket. Females also like that stun pens are uncomplicated to manage and easy to take care of.

Guys typically shun items that are well known with gals, thinking of them as “girly”. Definitely, numerous men would like to hold a 3 million volt stun gun which includes an intimidating appear and really feel. But what are these guys missing out on? Do stun pen’s keep any rewards for men?

Maybe exactly the same good reasons that ladies obtain them so pleasing could also use to gentlemen. After all, stun pens are strong, risk-free, discrete, very affordable, and of course – highly helpful. These characteristics that we’ve been all trying to find inside a self-defense tool – adult men and ladies alike.


At the start, a stun gun need to be effective. Regardless of whether it is really a stun gun pen or perhaps a stun gun, if your resource does not produce sufficient charge to halt an attacker within their tracks, then it really is not worthy of carrying.

Stun gun pens are incredibly highly effective equipment that could permit you to protect your basic safety proficiently and confidently. Stun pens pack as much electric power as a tiny stun gun. In fact, the Black Cobra delivers five hundred,000 volts – more than enough to prevent a perpetrator and make sure they don’t seem to be likely to return at you once again.

Safe and sound

These self protection applications are compact and discrete. Their electrical power needs regard along with a host of security features make certain that you stun pen works after you require it to, and in no way by chance.

Stun pens, just like the Black Cobra, have safety locking switches and safely caps. In addition they include and desirable protection carrying case. Additionally on the regular functions, these tools are safer since they are so discrete. The stun pen’s compact dimension permits simple and safe storage, making certain this self-defense resource will not turn out from the fingers of a small.

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